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Our Purpose

Research Purpose.png

In 2023 we launched our Field Scale Research program, which included over 100 trials throughout our trade area looking at many agronomic factors in reference to our zoning process, including but not limited to:

a) Nutrient Responsiveness​ with multiple macro and micronutrients

b) Varietal Response in multiple crops

c) Seeding Rate

d) Stubble Heights, Snow Catch & Water Infiltration

e) Nitrogen-fixing biologicals

This research program is led by Kathryn Aldridge - Research Manager, and is continually expanding to fit our customer's needs. Currently we are conducting research with three distinct groups:

a) Farmer-led trials

b) Trials in conjunction with field scale research organized by Sask Pulse, Sask Canola, Sask Wheat and Sask Barley

c) Product trials led by private organizations

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