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The focus of Max Ag Consulting is on providing advice and services to farmers to increase their overall yields and most importantly, their profitability.

We currently service over 275,000 acres in west-central Saskatchewan, with our trade area including Rosetown, Kindersley, Biggar, Kerrobert, Unity, and west to the Alberta border. 

Our services include full-service scouting, SWAT MAPS variable-rate fertilizer and seed, Crop Intelligence soil moisture probes, SWAT WATER precision moisture maps, and fertility planning. We also are a dealer for Climate Fieldview and Satshot. Please scroll down for more information on all of these services.

Full Service Scouting

This program is an all-encompassing agronomy consulting service consisting of:

a) Field Walks - Occurs throughout the season to determine soil temperature, seeding depth, emergence, insect prevalence, plant stand observations, pest control applications & products, herbicide efficacy, fertilizer top dress applications & timing, plant disease assessments, pre-harvest/desiccation timing, and post-harvest assessments.

b) Planning - Preparation and assistance with planning for the crop year including: soil sampling, fertility recommendations, crop rotation, herbicide/fungicide and insecticide requirement, historical field information, data analysis including yield maps (if applicable), cost/profit breakdown.

c) Reporting - Preparation of reports on all field walks, observations and plans on FarmQA scouting software, which will allow the customer access to all of their scouting reports at their convenience.

d) On-Call Service - Provide customized advice and recommendations throughout the year on a priority basis.

e) Additional Services - ability to customize our offerings based according to the needs of our customers.

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SWAT MAPS Variable-Rate Fertilizer & Seed

In partnership with Croptimistic Technology Inc., Max Ag offers the best variable rate fertilizer & seed mapping system on the market. SWAT MAPS utilizes a combination of precision layers such as RTK elevation, topography features, water flow paths, and electrical conductivity to build a MAP that best illustrates the potential of the soil in that particular field

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SWAT MAPS - with black - 72 ppi.png
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This information is gathered using Max Ag's SWAT BOX and is groundtruthed and soil sampled by our qualified agronomists to ensure that the map is as accurate as possible. The result is a multi-layer map indicating that field’s soil potential based off of specific soil characteristics and water availability, which in turn significantly effects the nutrient availability and therefore that soil’s specific nutrient and fertility responsiveness.

Crop Intelligence Soil Moisture Probes

Crop Intelligence utilizes soil moisture probe and weather station data to derive the water-driven yield potential of that specific area. This will in turn provide us with information to help us to make better decisions regarding:

a) Top Dress Fertilizer Applications

b) Fungicide Applications

c) Timing of Insect Prevalence

d) Developing Field-by-Field Yield Targets based off subsoil moisture

e) Optimize yield potential by understanding different crops' rooting zones.

f) Understanding the specific water use efficiency of that field and crop.

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SWAT WATER Precision Moisture Maps

SWAT WATER uses SWAT Maps within advanced soil texture and organic matter measurements to develop a water of soil moisture availability throughout the entire field based on a soil moisture probe at a single point in the field. This will then detail critical crop water factors including plant available water, surface hydrology & water flow, as well as days to wilting of that specific crop and current growth stage.

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SWAT WATER - with black - 300 ppi.png
swat water.png

Specific applications this could influence for our crops in-season include fertilizer top dress applications based on specific yield potential based on available water, fungicide applications, as well as dictate proper yield targets for each zone within the SWAT MAP process.

Fertility Planning

While we believe that SWAT MAPS are the best choice for proper fertilizer applications, we understand that it may not be a fit for everyone. We are committed to providing the best fertility advice no matter the fertility strategy implemented. Utilizing our area knowledge and expertise, we offer a complete fertility plan starting from soil sampling & analysis to individual field fertility recommendations.

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Crop Intelligence
Fertility Planning

Other Partnerships

Climate FieldView

Max Ag is an official dealer for Climate FieldView, which is a data connectivity platform through Bayer CropScience. This platform provides our customers with the ability to be able to properly track their equipment applications, including fertilizer/seed rates, pesticide applications, as well as harvest yield data. Through FieldView’s API with SWAT Records, we are then able to push and pull the SWAT MAPS, as well as maps developed on FieldView to be able to analyze any pertinent data. One of the main functions that Max Ag uses FieldView for is to analyze yield data to better understand yield per SWAT zone to better develop future yield targets, and also to better understand our nutrient use efficiency within a field for any given year.

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Farm QA

Max Ag utilizes the FarmQA Scouting platform for developing customized scouting reports and maps for our Full Service Scouting clients. FarmQA’s willingness to connect with other companies has made them a valuable partner for Max Ag with the ability to develop additional applications in the future.


SatShot is Max Ag’s satellite imagery partner, and is used for assessing plant biomass differences throughout the season, as well as developing in-season prescriptions when needed for applications such as fungicide and desiccation which can be heavily dependent on that specific year’s growing conditions.

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